Plastic or aluminum foil? Which is the better way for the kitchen ventilator as exhaust pipe?

    The kitchen ventilator is the most commonly used household appliance in the kitchen. Apart from focusing the body of the kitchen ventilator, we should also pay attention to the exhaust pipe of the kitchen ventilator. Now the exhaust pipe of the kitchen ventilator is mainly divided into two types according to the material, one is plastic, the other is aluminum foil. Choosing a good exhaust pipe is a way to safeguard the service life of the kitchen ventilator. So which one we should choose for the kitchen ventilator as the exhaust pipe? Plastic or aluminum foil?
1. In terms of price

    Generally, aluminum foil ducts are made of soft aluminum foil, and supported by a circle of steel wires, which is higher than plastic ducts in terms of cost and manufacturing difficulty.
2. In terms of heating degree

    Many people will think that aluminum foil will not burn, but plastic is flammable, and the degree of heating is only 120 degrees, far less than aluminum foil. But in fact, it's enough for the kitchen ventilator, so they are both suitable for exhausting oil fumes.

3. In terms of service life

    Although the aluminum foil duct and the plastic duct both can be used for decades, but strictly speaking, compared with plastic tube, the aluminum foil duct is not easy to age and has a longer service life.
4. In terms of installation and maintenance

    The front and back joints of the plastic duct are screwed, so it's very convenient to disassemble, but not for the aluminum foil duct. In addition, the aluminum foil duct is easy to be cut through, so it is better to take some protective measures when piercing, while it's needless for the plastic ducts, makes it more easier to install.

5. In terms of aesthetics

    Aluminum foil ducts are opaque, it can't be seen even if there is no amount of oil fumes in it, while plastic ducts are transparent, so it looks very ugly after a long time because of accumlated dirts.

6. In terms of noise

    The intensity of noise is very important for the kitchen ventilator. Nomally, the aluminum foil duct is soft, while the plastic tube is hard. Therefore, in the process of ventilation, the aluminum foil will make less noise.

This comparison shows the rusults:
    Heat resistance: aluminum foil ducts > plastic ducts

    Use effect: aluminum foil ducts = plastic ducts

    Aesthetic degree: aluminum foil ducts > plastic ducts

    Installation: aluminum foil ducts < plastic ducts

    Generally speaking, the aluminum foil duct is slightly better than the plastic duct, but we should make a choice according to the actual situation.